Hello stranger. It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?

A lot has changed, I know. I haven’t had a haircut in months and my fringe is nearly down to my chin. I think I gained weight, but I sorta rage quit weighing myself because it’s never a good idea to obsess about your weight. My husband got me sick because I always pick dudes that love kissing me when they’re sick, but refuse to even look directly at me when I’m sick so they don’t catch it. -___-

Oh yeah, I said “my husband.” This means that I didn’t pull a runaway bride and actually followed through. Trust, it wasn’t easy, because I HATE WEDDINGS and it’s all bullshit, but it turned out pretty alright and our pictures have quite a lot of stupid faces in them. In fact, I’ve only shared the wedding pictures where we’re being idiots  on Facebook because nice pictures are for other people. I may live in a house and have both a front yard and back yard and have to remember to put out trash cans, but no one will ever make me normal.

true story: mum had this picture framed, where it now sits on the piano

true story: mum had this picture framed, and it now sits on the piano

And there’s the dress I made!

So…now what? Well, he and I both work for the same company, which means we’re both getting left behind before too long. In fact, my last day is in two weeks, and he’s going to be let go in 3 months. I’m excited [see: long history of stress to the point of illness, depression, anxiety, etc due to this job] and he’s more practical and a little worried, but I see this as the chance to give a fair try to what we really want to do. We had the corporate jobs, it didn’t work, so try another path. I’ve already opened a little vintage shop on Etsy because I like old things and have far too many – the funny thing is, he’s had this house for 5 years before I moved in and it was still basically empty. Somehow everything I had in my studio filled up this house and then some, and it’s a 2 bedroom, 2 bath house. I don’t know, I’m just magic.

ANYWAY, I’m loopy from this sickness that’s settled in my throat and ear tubes, so I’ll just say I’m okay, I’m making him get that amazing Thai soup I like with lime and coconut milk on the way home tonight since it’s all his fault, and if you like Smith-Corona typewriters, ladies’ hats or gloves, 100 year old books, or my grandma’s scarf collection, maybe have a look. I also made the shop an Instagram account, because people love old shit with photo filters to make it look like old shit.

Anyone else a fan of a functional 1952 #Electrolux vacuum with hoses and attachments? Because if I had carpet, I’d love this pretty hard! #vintage #vintagevacuum

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