get me to Disneyland on time

I’m home sick today because I tried to be healthy and mindful at a food truck gathering on my block last night, and hit the salad food truck. And got food poisoning. That proves it, crêpes or go home. While sleeping deliriously last night, I had my first stress dream about getting married, aww!

Oh, did I forget to mention I’m getting married next month? Yeah, that. It’s happening. My Kristoff proposed on my birthday, at Disneyland, as I was dressed in a Rapunzel-themed skirt and top (because Disney doesn’t let adults wear costumes in the park anymore), during the Tangled portion of the 60th anniversary fireworks. He held the ring in front of me and I nodded and turned to him, and really didn’t want him to get down on one knee and do the formal proposal but he did it anyway, and I still said yes. My parents are happy because their eldest is finally a functioning human being again, and mum is ecstatic because one of her girls is finally getting married at Disney. That’s been her dream since Disney first started doing weddings. So by October, I will be a Mrs. and will have gotten married on Disney property. And our first outing as a married couple is dressing as Anna and Kristoff in Disneyland for their Halloween Party.

where we're getting married

where we’re getting married

I gotta say, if Disney didn’t provide a wedding planner that was doing basically everything for us, I would not be doing this. He and my family insisted on a wedding, not elopement, and my attitude towards weddings is – let’s say surly. If Disney didn’t hand you a check list for what you want and then run to the finish line with it, I’d die single. As it is, the most I have to do right now is finish making my dress, which is kick ass and awesome, and he told me to wear my red Chucks underneath, so I don’t even have to fuss with nice shoes, so I’m pretty okay with this.

I can post this because he doesn't come here

I can post this because he doesn’t come here

And by January 1st, I will be unemployed. HALLELUJAH. I’ve never been so happy to be losing my job due to outsourcing in my life. We’ll be okay: he already has a house and we’re saving money once I move in with him, and he’ll still be working for a while. This is my chance to have a fair shot at trying the costume making and selling vintage things without having to take a crap job to make ends meet. We have so many plans, so that hopefully by the time his job is shipped out, we can keep ourselves going without ever having to work for anyone again. I always thought it was the best thing when your significant other is your partner in crime and best friend, and now I finally get to see what that’s like.

I was thinking the other day about how this site started when I was still in San Francisco, and was going to strictly be about the things I created and how inspiring creativity was. Then a lot of garbage happened and it turned into Emo Hour around here, then Free Therapy Town, with a splash of revenge, and now it’s finally starting to come full circle. I’m okay with that. It feels so good to have someone support and encourage, and maybe some day I’ll be in a place where I can see other people in a place that I was at before, not a good place, and be able to show them that it can in fact get better. You can scream and cry a little and maybe have a breakdown or three and still get through it. You don’t have to be perfect and tactful all the time to make it to the other side. The only thing that matters is getting there, then turning around and helping the others still trying to get through. We can do this.


  1. Julian wrote:

    Anyone who gets married at Disneyland in a dress of their own making paired with red chucks is officially AWESOME! Have a great wedding and best wishes to you both.

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  3. Meg wrote:

    Aww, thank you! 😀